Genius Lychas HS-G550 Foldable Gaming Headset


Gamers do take their hardware seriously, and apart from the mouse, keyboard and souped up gaming rig, there is another important aspect of the gamer that you will need to look into – and that would be a pair of decent headphones to get the job done. After all, listening to the right kind of audio cues will be able to let you know just where your opponent in the map is (for a 1-on-1 FPS duel), while multiplayer games with huge maps will require you to communicate with the rest of your team mates as you speak into a microphone.

The Genius Lychas HS-G550 Foldable Gaming Headset is the latest member of the GX Gaming Series family, where it will enable you to tune in to the sounds of the battlefield in one ear, while the other ear is free to hear the rest of your team mates give out orders so that you can consolidate the position of your team on the battlefield amidst all the explosions. This is made possible thanks to individual volume controls located on each ear cup.

I guess you can say that the Genius Lychas HS-G550 Foldable Gaming Headset has been specially positioned to be the ideal pair of gaming headphones for LAN parties and competitions thanks to the aforementioned individual volume control. Not only that, if you are going to do plenty of LAN party gaming, then the Lychas should be part of your arsenal’s configuration since it is a snap to tote around, thanks to its design that boasts of swivel ear cups and foldable form factor. Whenever you crank up the volume on both ear cups, the GX Series’ Lychas will not make you deaf, but rather, deliver clear and accurate audio for a tactical advantage in any combat situation.

Of course, the presence of the relatively large 50mm drivers will also do its bit to prevent distraction from background noises. An in-line control box will enable gamers to tweak the master volume and mute the microphone while you are in-game. There is also the presence of an omni-directional microphone on the left hand side, where you are able to rotate it out of view whenever it is not in use. You need not worry about your ears feeling all hot, since it has an adjustable headband that will fit comfortably on any gamer.

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