Is iPad “cooler” than Galaxy?


Apple’s quest to be the coolest gadget received a boost…of sorts…yesterday. Apple had previously filed suit in London High Court claiming Samsung’s Galaxy tablet infringed on their intellectual property. But yesterday a judge ruled that the Galaxy did not infringe. His conclusion about the Galaxy? “They are not as cool,”and Galaxy tablets “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” stated Judge Colin Birss in his ruling.

So do you agree with the judge? Is the Apple iPad truly “cooler” than the Samsung Galaxy? Vote and post your comments as to why you prefer the iPad or Galaxy.

Source: WSJ.

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Cheesycook Says: July 10, 2012 at 9:29 am

I relate everything to cars, so:

Apple to me is an automatic turbo four cylinder Zion or Kia Soul. Easy for the masses to drive and 16 year olds think they are the fastest thing ever because they drive faster than mom in her stationwagon. Mods are all bolt on or plug-in. Don’t want to void the warranty.

Android to me ia a Jeep Wrangler. Go anywhere but not as fast…. not by much. Give it a week and that new Jeep is already customized to some degree. Give it a year and it doesn’t look anything like it did. And much like Jeeps they have an image of having things go wrong which just like Jeeps are usually from things we did to them, not the factory.

I can’t wait for future innovations…… maybe some muscle car analogies.

Chris Says: August 18, 2012 at 4:11 am

‘Coolest’ is a subjective term. What it means to one person probably does NOT have the same meaning to another person. It might be more helpful to ask the question, “What features/functionality make the iPad or Galaxy the ‘coolest’ unit for you?” … Or, “What can you do with the iPad/Galaxy that is impossible with the other?”

… and to answer my own questions:
I’m an iPad user who is very interested in the Galaxy, only due to my passion for technology. Currently the iPad is the ONLY choice for me as I use specific music programs that are not available on Galaxy or other units, for that matter.

Marketing is interesting. There has been much hype surrounding the Galaxy Note touting its build being centered around the S-Pen. So what? Does this alone make it better or worse than any other tablet out there? Does it have the support (apps) that other units have? Does it have the technical support needed?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, does it DO the functions I need daily to justify a $500-$600 expenditure?

So, I guess a point I’m trying to make in a few words here is this:
Am I making an OBJECTIVE or an EMOTIONAL decision when comparing tablets.

More often than not both these factors play into buying decisions. It is at the very heart of any company’s marketing strategy. So, before hanging the ‘cool’ label on either unit, be prepared to articulate WHY is deserves the blue ribbon and the other doesn’t quite stack up.

BTW: Have fun with whatever unit fits your needs!

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