ZombieBurbz iPad Game


So, your primary mobile gaming device is the iPad, leading you to ask just what are the latest games that are available for this extraordinary tablet? Well, most iPad titles concentrate only on touchscreen action, but with the $9.99 ZombieBurbz iPad Game, things are going to be a little bit different from now on. You will go up against the zombie-hatin’ Joneses who happen to live in the suburbs. Each purchase comes with a bunch of collectible zombie figures that will interact with the free app, and not only that, it is also compatible with the Android operating system – now how about that?

Not all the packs are the same, since they are selected randomly – with different characters being made available in four different sets. As for the deluxe zombie figure, it will unlock a unique storyline and missions. You, on the side of the zombies, will get around setting traps, fending off angry humans, and even eat garbage, I am not quite sure why they have swore off brains though.

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