Travel Scale for frequent travelers


When one goes traveling, most of the time we stay at a hotel – and most modern hotels come with its range of amenities, including lush toiletries as well as a bathroom scale for you to figure out whether all those buffet breakfasts and dinners that you had have done a number on your belly. Of course, there are moments and places where you stay that does not come with any form of luxury at all, which is where a portable travel scale makes perfect sense. Just how portable is this $44.95 device, anyways?

We are looking at a measurement of just 9.5″ wide, and yet is capable of weighing folks of up to 330 lbs., imagine that! I guess a handful of lithe professional wrestlers can do a pirouette on this without breaking it, don’t you think so? Smaller than your iPad, the Travel Scale will rely on high precision strain gauge sensors in order to deliver accurate weight readings to 0.1 lb. Not only that, the tempered glass platform also delivers alevel of durability which enables it to withstand all sorts of travel rigors. Powered by a quartet of AAA batteries, the Travel Scale also boasts of an easy-to-read LCD display.

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