iTikes offers a new way for your kids to learn and play


All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (girl applies here if you are talking about a girl, of course), so what kind of educational tools do modern kids get to enjoy? When I was a wee lad, I still remember how expensive a notebook was, and it only came with a CGA display, where the only kind of games that I played was Gorilla Basic and Nibbles. Fast forward to today, and you get plenty of kids who scream and kick up a fuss if either one of their parental unit fails to give them their iPad within minutes of their request.

Having said that, modern day parents are also way more accommodating, but sometimes, it can be said that they are spoilt for choice as there are just too many items to choose from in the market. How about us making life a little bit easier on your side by recommending the iTikes? A more detailed explanation on what iTikes is all about can be found in the extended post.

Toy company Little Tikes have come up with a plethora of iPhone-friendly toys which are able to hook up to your iOS-powered device. The iTikes range of toys will come with a keyboard, map, microscope and an art canvas, where all of them can function as stand-alone toys by their own right. However, when you decide to throw in an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while running a free iTikes app, your little one (and perhaps, you too) might just find it irresistible to play – while the toys themselves also gain extra functionality.

Take for example, the iTikes Keyboard, when it works without an iOS device, is just a standard issue keyboard for little ones, making noise while playing along to built-in songs and record musical masterpieces. When it “teams up” with an iOS device, you can then fire up learning games which teach little musicians the ability to read notes, hear pitch, sight read music or watch visualizations.

If you are one who actually plans extremely far ahead of time, then you will be pleased to know that the iTikes range will go on sale in time for Christmas, where the map will cost £60, while the microscope will be going for £75 a pop. As for the art canvas, it is cheaper at £40 with the keyboard retails for £50. Each toy will also be accompanied by a matching white and lime green plastic case.

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