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Are redundant gadgets worth looking into? I suppose so, especially in this day and age when our lives are extremely stressful (for those of us who are in high pressure job situations, that is), it makes perfect sense to let go and laugh a whole lot once in a while. Having a gizmo that basically does nothing might sound rather inane to some, but others could realize it to be some form of therapeutic gadget in a strange way. We are talking about the $39.99 Useless Box Kit here, where the name of the device itself is pretty much self-explanatory. After all, you are required to push a button to turn it on, and when that happens, it will turn itself off.

This is one fun (some say irritating) DIY electronics kit with just one primary function – that is, to turn it on and have you watch it turns itself off. It is more or less guaranteed that individual flip of the switch will cause onlookers to smile, although some of them might end up with a puzzled expression in the first place. Definitely ranks as one of the silliest electronics kits to date, and yet it is strangely attractive in its very own manner.

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Gary Says: July 7, 2012 at 1:02 pm

I prefer the “useless box” that gets angry and retracts the switch inside the box if you actuate it too many times in a set period. Google:
hack angry useless box
on Hack A Day to see it in action.

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