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Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock


Waking up every morning during the work week can be a chore for some, especially when you do not have the kind of job that you enjoy. Well, there are times when you wish could wake up on time though, and the right alarm clock would definitely go a long way in helping. Enter the $129.95 Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock, where it is said to be able to gently awaken those from their slumber with the right kind of music that is stored on your handset, using progressively brighter light as well.

At least this is a whole lot better than having a loud din waking you up in a rude manner. Those who are sleeping are able to rise to their favorite tunes from an iPhone or iPod which will increases in volume slowly at at either 30 or 10 minutes before the wake up time. This is also in addition to the lamp’s light which will brighten over the same interval. You can also choose music or light individually as well. Audio is provided via a quartet of forward-firing, 2-watt full-range speakers.

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