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Turntable Metal Wristwatch


Want to tell the time in a cool and classic way? This is where the $79.99 Turntable Metal Wristwatch comes in handy – it makes for an ideal gift for those who are part of the old school audio thought, where they accurately captured the art of the DJ, in addition to the fandom of the audiophile – right down to the most minute of details. I guess technology is somewhat like the world of fashion, where old school ends up stylish from time to time, just like how flares come and go in the world of fashion.

The Turntable Metal Wristwatch more or less manages to capture the once interesting era of vinyl records, and this is achieved by introducing a turntable on your wrist. Well, small things are always cute, and tiny vinyl record is always ideal to keep old school designs in vogue. Of course, it is not going to play on your watch. It is water resistant up to 3 ATM though.

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