Penclic Mouse arrives with a sleek design

There is a saying – if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Having said that, why reinvent the wheel? The humble computer mouse, while it has had its fair share of innovation over the years, has not exactly experienced a radical change. Perhaps, not until today, with the introduction of the Penclic Mouse. The Penclic Mouse is said to be faster and better than before, complete with a sleek design, and it intends to take the computer mouse to a higher level. I guess others have tried to do this before, but they never really stumbled upon a winning formula. Perhaps the Penclic Mouse might be able to break that cycle among hardware manufacturers?
The Penclic Mouse basically allows the extension of one’s body movements to be part of the hardware, where it will harness the natural power and dexterity in one’s fingers and hands. This results in a healthy and natural working position, so that you need not end up with a hunch. After all, endless clicking and unnecessary cursor movements should eventually be a thing of the past, where you are able to rely on the streamlined and efficient Penclic Mouse.

The Penclic Mouse comes with an innovative pen grip which counteracts the health problems that are common, including Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which more or less comes from using a traditional computer mouse. Basically, the Penclic Mouse can be used by folks from all walks of life as well as professions, and even when you are at home.
It is said that the Penclic Mouse looks, feels and moves like a pen. Sporting a smooth pen-grip that delivers a cursor-like experience unlike any other. The Penclic Mouse is said to be extremely responsive and intuitive, that some folks think that it feels as though the mouse itself is capable of predicting just where you are about to move the cursor, as though it were psychic by itself.
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  1. you just took the wrist problems with using a mouse and moved it to your shoulder, using this you have to keep your arm off the table.

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