Mini Batman Bat-Signal


The crazy summer blockbuster season at the movies have arrived, and superheroes never seem to get old on the silver screen. I suppose a lot of it has to do with a form of escapism for us, where we do wish at times that we could eventually wake up with super powers one day, ditching our day jobs and being a general all-round idol to the rest of the world. Bruce Wayne might have had a tough childhood, but I guess he channeled all of that angst and bitterness in a way that helped society combat crime. While there is no way to whistle and have Batman show up at your whim and fancy, perhaps the Bat-Signal might do the trick.

What happens when there are budget cuts and austerity measures put in place by governments all over the world? Well, this is where the wonders of miniaturization comes in handy, and the $9.95 Mini Batman Bat-Signal is more than ready to make up for any shortcomings. After all, you can never quite tell just when you need that extra bit of accounting help at the office, and Bruce Wayne would definitely have the know-how in solving that bit without attracting the Attorney General in any way. The man runs a multi-billion dollar empire, doesn’t he?

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