Snack Preserving Crisper


How many times have you opened up a particular bag of chips, only to find that it has way too many chips for you to finish in one sitting, and yet the bag cannot be sealed – leaving you with a dilemma, which is to waste such good, sinful comfort food by throwing it away, or to take the chance and let your tastebuds enjoy some soggy chips the day after? I guess any kind of thinking along either line is no longer an issue when you have the $149.95 Snack Preserving Crisper.

Just what does the Snack Preserving Crisper deliver? For starters, this is an electric crisper that is said to be able to preserve the crunch of crackers, pretzels, chips, cereals, and nuts. Ideal for humid environments, ranging from seaside cottages to lake houses and tropical condominiums. Regardless of the environment, the Snack Preserving Crisper is able to provide essential storage for dry, crispy foods. It is far different from your standard breadbox for soft-baked goods, as it ensures your snacks does not end up stale or soggy – at the same time it reduces the clutter of opened bags and boxes on a countertop. All of this is made possible thanks to the 20-watt element which heats the interior’s insulated aluminum floor to 120º F.

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