mOmma Developmental Drink Set


So you are a brand new mom, and for some of those who fall under that category, it can be quite a stretch on your budget to ensure that your little one gets the best your money can buy. First time parents tend to spend a whole lot of money, while those with their second batch of little ones are wiser with their spending, knowing just what are the essentials. Here is the $19.99 mOmma Developmental Drink Set which might just pique your interest – it grows with your little one, and can be converted from a wee bottle to a sippy cup, and eventually, “growing up” to be a straw cup.

Sporting a rounded, weighted design which remains upright at all times, it is capable of holding 8.4 ounces of fluid, and sports a BPA free, 100% silicone nipple. I believe I have seen the rounded, weighted design before that allows it to rock and roll without having the tip touch the ground – it is on a bottle of whiskey meant for use on ships, as the gentle swaying of the ship will not send those bottles crashing to the deck in the event of going through rough waters.

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