QR Code Tattoos – it was Just a Matter of Time

Have you guys noticed QR codes turning up everywhere. Whats with these little suckers? They are on my groceries, newspapers, fast food packaging, they can be seen in shopping malls, on posters and on postcards. I guess we should have known it wouldn’t be long until someone started inking these codes onto their bodies.
Check out what may be the worlds first QR Code Tattoo, no longer are you stuck with a single image of the skull and crossbones you got in college, with a QR tattoo you can change what your body art links to, every single day, or simply animate your tag, by linking to a cartoon that imparts movement to your still life, make your skull sing, or that rose on your shoulder blade bloom.
The process is simple enough, tattooed in the location of your choice in the same way any other tattoo would be created and the QR codes function just as you would expect, allowing you to point your scan to anything you would like… a stock market ticker, breaking news report, social media status, joke of the day, or maybe just a picture of a different tattoo du jour… that could be ironic.
I suppose QR tattoos are slightly interesting, and I guess if I had thought about it, I would have realized they were coming, but then I wondered if there could be some real usefulness here, could doctors someday scan our tags for medical histories in case of an emergency? or could we permanently be marked with our identification or blood type. Will QR tattoos become commonplace or is this just a passing fad? Check out what most consider to be the first ever QR code tattoo HERE.
Source: www.llns.com

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  1. I like the idea of having important medical history or emergency contact info available if I am unable to speak for myself… this would be like an updatable medi-alert bracelet…

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