Samsung Galaxy S3 experiences full US launch

So, it seems that the latest and greatest Samsung smartphone to date – the Samsung Galaxy S3, has just arrived on the planet, in particular in the US. This premium Android-powered smartphone is now available online on T-Mobile’s website, as well as in select retail stores. As for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular customers, you will be able to place an order for the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the respective carriers in-store as well as online within the coming few weeks. To make sure that the Samsung Galaxy S3 kicked off with a bang, it was launched in New York City last night alongside a star-studded event hosted by actress Ashley Greene who is of Twilight fame. There were 500 fans who were granted access to an experiential event held at Skylight Studios, where they were allowed to test drive the sharing capabilities of the Galaxy S3. Well enough about the star power of the phone, I guess rehashing the hardware specifications would make for better reading, just in case some of us have forgotten what the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is said to be more human than ever before, where it is capable of responding intuitively and naturally for the human to use and interact with. It is said to balance ergonomics with intuitive use, allowing the device to end up as an extension of its user. As sharing is one of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung hopes to hook up its new owners with free premium content thanks to Samsung Share-to-Go Stations across the nation. Not only that, it will use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that has been incorporated into the Galaxy S3, and Samsung customers will also be able to perform content download straight to their device through the tapping of the handset to the smart board or kiosk. Once the content is downloaded, it will be stashed away on the device for viewing at any time. Beacon is also one of the latest offerings from Samsung, which is a mobile-only magazine, where this content hub will be filled with the latest news, tips, information and entertainment which were specially designed for people who have long ditched the desktop experience, and have taken the route of the tablet. Will you be bringing home the Samsung Galaxy S3? Press Release]]>

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  1. I’m just waiting for my Galaxy SIII to get to my house. I’m looking forward to being on the LTE network. I have a Galaxy S, and it’s time for an upgrade. I like to stream live TV and movies on my phone, which is where the Dish Remote Access app comes in. I think that the app will work perfectly on the LTE network. I use the app often to stream live TV from my Sling Adapter-connected receiver to my phone, mostly while I’m on my way to work at Dish. It needs to hurry up and get here!

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