iDUCK stand for your phones


There are quite a number of cute looking iPhone accessories out there, but if you really want a quack job, here is the $19.90 iDUCK stand to carve a smile on your face. After all, how many people can resist something that looks so cute? Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, they all have looks that melt the heart, never mind the fact that they strut around without wearing a pair of pants. Just what does the iDUCK Stand offer? This is said to be a stand for all mobile phones and small pads, and you need not worry about kids playing with this since it is made out of eco-friendly material and some silicone.

The silicone duck beak (phew, isn’t it a relief to know that no actual ducks were put to the knife during the manufacturing of the iDUCK Stand? Apart from functioning as a phone stand, it also has a cap located at the back of the duck beak which can open up, allowing you to stash away tiny mobile accessories – such as your pair of rolled up earphones. There is also a small strap in the package, and you can always use this as a key holder. Any takers?

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