M-Edge delivers SuperShell case for the iPhone 4/4S

When it comes to making sure your spanking new iPhone 4S remains in pristine condition so that you are able to let it go for a good price when the next generation iPhone is released, you would definitely be out scouting for a new iPhone case, am I right? It makes perfect sense after all. Apart from that, most of the modern day devices that come with a touchscreen display tend to be made out of far sterner stuff than that of plain old glass, and can withstand its fair share of knocks and perhaps a minor drop without cracking. I do assume that having a protective case adds more of a psychological buffer than a physical one – although the latter certainly cannot be discounted. Having said that, M-Edge has announced that they will be making available their bouncy SuperShell case for the iPhone 4 as well as its successor, the iPhone 4S. Regardless of which model you pick up, they are capable of absorb a certain amount of shock and bounce when dropped. Sounds like the iPhone case for me – after all, I do suffer from a case of butterfingers once in a while, and most of the time it involves a new gadget. Somehow Murphy’s Law seem to be at work overtime where new gizmos are concerned – they tend to get abused more by accident, while those old school devices? Those somehow defy the law of gravity even when it seemed inevitable. Enough about permutations and combinations though, M-Edge’s SuperShell is made out of ultra-protective closed-cell foam, tipping the scales at a single ounce. This will not add additional weight to your smartphone, not in a noticeable manner, at least. The foam material is rather squishy in nature, where it will wrap around the edges of your iPhone in a secure manner, while the dimpled texture and ridges on the outside enable even those with sweaty palms to be able to experience a better grip. There are high-impact corners that add style and deliver the kind of “bounce in its step.” Just how much do you think this kind of “insurance” for your iPhone will cost? We are looking at a mere $29.99 a pop, making it an extremely affordable policy, if you want to put it that way. Press Release]]>