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You are what you think. Does this mean you are what you believe, or does it mean that our thoughts, are precisely what makes us…. well, us? If the latter were to be the case, then it would make some sort of sense that we don’t need to die, if our thoughts and desires could be transferred to say, a digital version of ourselves then we would for the most part, continue to exist, right?
Okay, I have not been drinking, although I am mildly impaired due to lack of sleep, but try to follow me anyway. has created a platform that enables users a place to upload and store their life journey information for generations to come. It also offers access to a unique set of features that allow people to interact with their life information in a variety of different ways including a computer-based avatar that will respond with your attitudes, values, mannerisms and beliefs. Seriously. allows you to build a comprehensive database that’s all about you, through geo mapping, timelines, and tagging, a rich portrait of information is created. Imagine, all the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met can be stored and accessed by friends and family members. Lifenaut also lets you connect with other people who are interested in exploring the future of technology and how it can enhance the quality of our lives, or after-lives. gives you a safe space to store your life experiences and offers users a free and offsite information back up option for personality and other life lesson information that can be accessed sometime in the future and, most importantly, lets us participate in a long-term computer science research project that explores how technology may one day extend “life” through digital technology.
All LifeNaut Mindfile Accounts are free, but there may be premium services added in the future that will be offered for a fee. Please check out for more information, and hey, let’s catch up in around 100 years or so….

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  1. So how many people are going to input everything about their personality? All the negative along with the positive attributes and experiences of their lives?
    I see some good with this and some bad. Honestly, I’d be too embarrassed to put in several things that are personal about who I am. The bad and the good are part of my deepest levels of being, but I’m not very interested in documenting the things that make up the worst part of me. That is just not everybody’s business, but excluding the horror show in my psyche is false representation of who I am. Like most people, I am an angel and a demon wrapped into one meat sack.
    If anybody claims they have put every bit of the best and worst of themselves in a profile there, I’d have to call B.S. I think it’s part of human nature to not want people to know about the monsters dwelling in all of us.
    The phrase about throwing stones in glass houses is relevant here?

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