Braven start to ship their wireless speakers

We have long talked about a paperless revolution for many years now, but it does seem as though paper is still an indispensable part of life. After all, the change is gradual, but there is still something about paper that works great compared to portable electronics – you will never have to worry about running out of power, and reading on paper under direct sunlight is not an issue at all, with your eyes relishing the additional light to boot.
How about the fabled wireless lifestyle? Is that piece of utopian imagination worth looking into? Perhaps, with wireless mice, keyboards and speakers proliferating the market, here we are wit Brazen’s wireless speakers. Brazen is a well known
innovator in Bluetooth audio and charging solutions, and they have recently announced their sophisticated wireless speakers which are ready to ship out to deserving homes around the world.

Tipping the scales at approximately 12 oz., measuring about 6 inches in length, these Brazen speakers might be small in physical dimension, but they are more than capable of delivering room-filling high-fidelity audio for those who love nothing better than to enjoy their music – on the go. The speakers will also sport a built-in speakerphone, charging capability, and the option to combine multiple speakers together.
The SIX Series will comprise of the sleek aircraft grade aluminum 600 model that will come in Moab Red or Mountain Ash shades. As for the high-end 650 model, you can opt for classic aluminum and it will boast APTX for today’s modern audiophile. The 625s, however, will be housed in a rugged shock-absorbent rubber that is built for durability and outdoor adventures. First available in Stealth Black, the 625s will now be released in a new Summit Green shade.
The speakers themselves will feature a couple of custom extended-range drivers, where each of them have a 3 watt speaker output to deliver high-fidelity stereo audio. Alongside that, you get extraordinary battery life that range anywhere from 12 to 20 hours, where the speakers can also double up as a portable charger, juicing thirsty devices via USB. The Braven 600 retails for $149.99, the 625s for $179.99, and the 650 for $189.99, so it is time to take another look at your account books and see if you can accommodate them this month.
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