Acase shows off InaTrap insect killer


There are many ways to skin a cat if you have the know-how, but how many ways are there for one to kill insects? Mosquitoes are always a huge nuisance for many of us, especially those of us who live in the tropics. Not only do these have a vicious bite, their bites leave you with the risk of catching some disease as well as an itching sensation which prove hard to soothe if you do not have the right ointment. While there is a fair amount of traditional methods to prevent mosquitoes from coming near you, technology, too, has a role to play in this situation.

Take Acase for example – their InaTrap insect killer is said to be one elegant solution in doing away with these pesky mosquitoes as well as other irritating insects around you in an eco-friendly way – and yet without requiring you to plant Venus flytraps strategically all over the place. Not only that, there is also no use of harsh chemicals, propane tanks or unsightly equipment to get rid of these pesky insects, but rather, the Inatrap is said to be able to easily prevent mosquitos from spreading diseases or creating itches and scratches on your skin.

The functional design of the InaTrap will lure mosquitoes in using a soft LED light as well as a photo-catalyst reaction which is said to produce low levels of CO2 in a warm atmosphere, hence fooling the mosquitoes into thinking that there is a human among them. When flying too close close to the Intrap’s vicinity, the mosquitoes and insects will end up trapped in a retainer cage thanks to a little help by the whisper-quiet and yet powerful fan.

Tom Hsieh, Sales and Marketing Manager of Acase, says, “Inatrap allows us to enjoy a weekend picnic, camping trips or even an evening in the living room without the need to worry about insects. You can eliminate mosquitos and other insects in a lot of ways, but only InaTrap will do it effectively, safely and in style.”

Specially designed to resemble an avant-garde porcelain sculpture, Inatrap does not weigh anything more than three pounds, and is ideal for a portable outdoor trip, or to remain indoors when dusk falls. Not only that, there is also an 8 hour built-in timer and an instant touch operation button that makes it a no-brainer to operate. Expect the Inatrap to retail for $64.95 each.

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