Toyota Camatte concept is one just for the kids


Yes, we all know that the legal driving age is different in various countries, but that does not mean that governments just thrust the responsibility of being behind the wheel to someone whom they think is too young, right? The latest Toyota concept vehicle that you see here? It debuts at the International Tokyo Toy Show, where it is known as the Camatte concept. What resembles a new subcompact car is not a vehicle for adults – or the average commuter, but rather, this is a working car that was specially designed for kids.

Sure, it is not going to get your little Ben 10 wannabe all the Barbies in town to hop in since this is no pint-sized Ferrari, but at the very least, the Camatte concept elevates the idea of a kids’ car above and beyond the Power Wheels which some of us folks have enjoyed while we were kids. The Camatte concept comes with a more realistic interior complete with its very own instrument cluster, adjustable seats, gas pedal, steering wheel and brakes. There is no word of an engine by Toyota, but the concept is said to be similar to an actual car.

According to Toyota, the idea of manufacturing the Camatte is to “convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to current and future drivers.” Apart from that, there is also the issue of a family bonding element, where the Camatte comes with a three-seat, 1+2 layout which allows the little one to literally take take control of the wheel, at the same time interacting with his or her parents in the back. The panels of the Cammate can be removed, enabling your child to learn the ropes in making choices for him or herself, customizing the look of the cars.

Toyota also mentioned that both kids and families are also able to directly handle vehicle components in order to know just how cars work. Sounds like a decent conceptual product from Toyota, although you can be quite sure that this is not going to be a cheap purchase for any household.


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