Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner, It’s Itsy Bitsy


I have bills, papers, and receipts everywhere. I have the best intentions of getting myself organized and have purchased filing cabinets and folders galore. Now, I just have some new places to store my same old scattered mess. They say disorganization is a sign of intelligence.  Yup – thats a theory I’m gonna try and stick with.

Setting my obvious genius aside, I’m willing to give getting organized one last try, and Canons new USB powered Scan-tini personal document scanner may just be the device to help me do it! The Scan-tini can handle just about anything you want to run through it including the ability to scan both thick and thin documents, plastic ID cards, embossed cards and even drivers licenses.

The Scan-tini has an automatic document feeder and utilizes what Canon calls “Plug and Scan” capabilities with scanning software that launches immediately upon USB connection for almost instant scanning, without the need to fiddle with pesky drivers or imaging applications.

Able to scan with a single touch of a button the 1.6 inch high, 3.7 inch deep, 11.2 inch wide Scan-tini weighs in at around 2 pounds and easily fits in a briefcase for effortless document capture on the fly. The built in card scanner will help you build a contact list in no time and an optional AC adaptor will help you clear the clutter off your desk for a lot less money than a personal assistant.

The Scan-tini comes with 2 USB cables, a setup disk, and a nice warranty all for around 280 bucks from I think this could work.





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