Rugbeer machine wants you to tackle it – hard!


You know what they say – there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and so if you happen to have a hankering for a nice, cold can of beer, then you might be interested at this particular ad campaign run by Ogilvy for Cerveza Salta beer. Basically, the Rugbeer machine that you see above wants some tough love – you have got to tackle it as hard as possible, and if it gets rocked sufficiently, it will dispense a free can of beer for your efforts. Anything less, and you will probably end up with just a bruised shoulder (and ego, too), while leaving you to drink water instead.

Not only that, there is also a “pussy meter” located at the front which will light up from red to green. The color red is marked with a male hen, and it will show the world that you lack the sufficient strength to make it dispense a can of beer, while if you rock it hard enough with your tackling techniques that you picked up from your days as a quarterback, the green light that is marked by an ox will show, giving you a free beer as well.


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