Safe Kitchen Timer

Now here is a timer that will definitely make your time in the kitchen all the more fun – we are talking about the $11.99 Safe Kitchen Timer, of course. It clearly resembles a combination-style safe lock, and has a magnetic back so that you are able to stick it to the door of your fridge for easy access. It will definitely add a jig to your time in the kitchen, as you see yourself on a quest to complete your task before the timer rings, or just to make that dish perfect with a “Get in, get the stuff, get out!” mentality. Some kids might find this to be the arcane beginning of their future career as a professional thief, but I think that the percentage of that happening is clearly going to be very low, as a responsible parent will explain to said kid that this is but an ordinary kitchen timer, and not meant to be a game where you “crack the code” in order to access the innards of the fridge when mom or dad are not around. ]]>