Battlefield 3 Razer BlackShark Collector’s Edition Gaming Headset


Gamers do take their hardware very seriously, and a souped up gaming machine can run into the thousands, not to mention it requires the relevant kind of peripherals to go along with it so that you will no longer have any excuse of not being able to frag that opponent ragged a thousand ways from seemingly impossible angles (with normal hardware, of course). Razer is one name that most people already know when it comes to quality gaming peripherals, and this fact is not lost on them – which is why they have come up with the Battlefield 3 Razer BlackShark Collector’s Edition Gaming Headset.

This is a custom headset that is part of its Collector’s Edition gaming peripheral suite. Plenty of thought have gone into its design, where we do know that it has been inspired by tactical aviator headsets and boasts of total audio immersion. The Razer BlackShark is touted to deliver the full force aural intensity of Battlefield 3, which is EA and DICE’s military shooter masterwork, and also the fastest-selling game from EA ever to be released.

Battlefield 3 has been described to be one of the most physical, dynamic and progressive shooter experience available on the market at this point in time, so in order to increase the realism ante, Razer decided that their BlackShark headset will be able to give you that feeling as though you were on a genuine attack helicopter, piloting it with complete circumaural ear cups that were specially designed in order to cater for an authentic auditory in-game experience.

Razer is an old hat in this segment, where they will bring their superior sound-isolating technology in order to block out undesirable ambient noises, and during times when it is deathly quiet, the Razer BlackShark will feature a detachable boom microphone that you can strike up a conversation with the rest of your mates. for use on-the-go.

Sporting an exclusive Battlefield 3 design, the Razer BlackShark should be comfortable enough to wear for long gaming sessions without resulting in the burning feeling that your ears experience with cheaper headsets. The asking price is the same in terms of its numbers either side of the pond – $129.99 or €129.99, as it hits the worldwide markets this July.

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