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These days almost everything has gone digital, it seems like all the important things we do are plugged in, battery operated or USB connected. We also seem to be working more, and spending an inordinate amount of time away from our families, are these electronic devices helping us bridge the gap, or increasing the distance between us?

Well here’s a little gizmo that lets you share a smile, even though you’re not there, the Play Video Memo is a true video memo pad that’s cute, fun and easy to use, in the shape of a comic strip voice box with a specially magnetized back that lets you stick on your fridge. It is a true family message center.

You can record multiple messages and  have fun communicating with loved ones when you simply can’t be there. The Play Video Memo features a front facing video camera, microphone and a 2.4 inch (diagonal) color display. This multiple message recording  system is capable of recording up to 3 minute messages and includes a time and date display and an LED message waiting indicator.

With a standby time of up to 45 days with on board messages and up to 6 months without, and 7 spectacular glossy color options, this little gadget can make family communications a lot more fun than a post-it note or voicemail, and dare I say just as easy. So get yours at for under 60 bucks, then your family can remember what you look like!

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