GameStop takes the tablet route


Companies will need to constantly reinvent themselves if they were to survive and even flourish – and in the world of high tech devices and gadgets, this saying holds true all the more. Diversifying your portfolio is always a great way to spread the amount of risk, as not all of your eggs are in a single basket. Of course, there is also the flip side to this, as some claim that being a specialist in your field is also a good thing, but regardless, it depends on the context, the chances that come your way, as well as your management of the situation.

Having said that, GameStop, a games retailer, has recently announced that they will soon be offering Android-powered tablets to the masses via its massive chain of retail stores. This has been confirmed, with the green light given by the top management after a 200 store trial kicked off since last October.

These will definitely not be your two bit Android-powered tablets though, as GameStop intends to live up to their name as a games retailer by preloading the Samsung, Asus, Acer, and Toshiba makes by throwing in additional gaming titles including the old school Sonic CD, Riptide, the Kongregate Arcade app as well as a free issue of GameStop’s gaming mag, titled Game Informer. These additions will also feature prices that are in line with what other stores are offering, meaning you get more bang for your buck as a gamer, and it might just help GameStop gain a small foothold in the tablet market.

Granted, GameStop has not been in the best of financial health lately, so to see them take different measures such as this is certainly encouraging, as it tells the world that they are working on a way to get around the problem of bleeding money. Kudos for their efforts – hopefully they will be rewarded accordingly for it. Do you think that Android-powered tablets have a chance to actually gain a decent foothold in the mobile gaming market?


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