Folding Electric Bicycle

Want to get around in a green way? You can either ride on a bicycle, or get the job done using an electric bicycle. Of course, the latter will result in some sort of carbon emission somewhere (indirectly speaking, since the electricity required to charge it needs to come from somewhere, don’t you think so?), but at least it will help you tackle those steep mountains without missing a beat. Not only that, the name Folding Electric Bicycle does give the game away, where this $2,000 electric bicycle will be able to fold in half, making it perfect for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. It will be folded around its integrated battery compartment, where its front half collapses against its rear half, whereas its front unifork will fold into the frame, resulting in a compact 30″ x 18″ x 12″ shape. It can be deployed for riding in an instant, thanks to its silent 250-watt electric motor which will help you go uphill without breaking a sweat, or you can power across broad flats for smooth cruising on its 20″ tires at a top speed of up to 15 mph in full-power mode. The removable 24-volt rechargeable lithium battery comes with a 15-mile range, taking half a dozen hours to charge up. It is made out of aircraft aluminum frame, and can support riders of up to 250 lbs. ]]>