LG Display announces 5” Full HD LCD panel that targets smartphones


LG Display is at it again, with the “world’s first” being another bit of information that you might want to take into consideration with their latest 5” Full HD LCD panel which was specially developed for smartphone use. Yes sir, all those super large 32″ and above displays that you see in electronic store showrooms as well as in your living room? The very same resolution count has been crammed into an LCD panel that measures no larger than 5″ in size, which can be considered by some to be a technological marvel, don’t you think so?

This is hands down, the highest resolution mobile panel to date from any other manufacturer out there. It basically enables smartphone users to check out Full HD content without sacrificing on quality, just like what your eyes are greeted with on TVs and monitors. It is also hoped that LG Display’s latest panel will be able to contribute significantly to the overall cloud computing experience which has been touted by many to be the next major internet trend. More on this 5″ looker right after the jump.

LG Display’s 5” Full HD LCD panel will definitely result in dropped jaws the first time you look at it – after all, the LCD panel is based on AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) technology that boasts 440ppi and 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is far higher than what the iPhone 4S offers, and this is the first time Full HDTV quality can be viewed on a smartphone. There is a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that ought to keep movie buffs more than happy, while the panel itself is also 0.5″ larger, 2.2 times denser in pixels, and 1.3 times more advanced in ppi compared to its predecessor, a 4.5” panel at 329ppi and 1280 x 720 resolution.

Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display, said, “As smartphones become increasingly valued for how well they do multimedia and with the rapid growth of LTE enabling faster large file transfers, our new 5” Full HD LCD panel is certain to prove a significant asset to the mobile market. With the world’s highest resolution smartphone display, LG Display continues to remain a step ahead in developing the most innovative in display technology products.”

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