Game Capture HD – Don’t Miss a Moment


I’m sure its no surprise that I’m a huge fan of video games. It’s not uncommon to find me on a caffeinated beverage bender up all night playing Halo or some other first person shooter game and talking to myself. Problem is, when you’re up all night, no one gets to see the action but you… and no matter how I try and explain my overnight dealings with the Covenant, my stories never seem to do it justice.

Meet Elagato’s Game Capture HD and never miss being able to replay another Banshee invasion. The Game Capture HD is a cool, standalone HD video capture box, which will allow you to record PS3 or Xbox 360 HD gameplays to an internal or an external hard drive, all without a PC. 

Recording your Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii gaming accomplishments is now a pretty simple task. All you need to do is connect the Game Capture HD to your game console with the included component cables, and all the action is yours to keep! One Click and the Game Capture HD lets you record, and preview live game footage in 1080i resolution, or just take screenshots during live action, or even during playback.

Your recordings and screenshots can be moved between connected drives for portability and sharing with friends and family. (you know, the ones that went to bed) and the unit comes with a built in 2.5″ HDD slot, a remote control, component cable, RCA audio cable and a power adaptor. Please visit for videos or information, or to purchase Game Capture HD for under 140 bucks. I’m pretty sure I dated myself with the Halo reference…do people even play Halo anymore?



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