Project Glass video caught in the act


Google has just released the first video ever shot with their Project Glass, an eyewear concept that seemingly hails from the future. The video was recorded with the wearer having some fun, jumping around and performing 360-degree flips on a trampoline. Heck, there was at least one instance where a backflip was performed, and I must say that the Project Glass performed admirably, as it remained stuck to the wearer throughout the entire duration. Wearing this during a roller coaster ride, however, might prove to be a very different story altogether as the G forces might work against the pair of Google glasses.

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin have already been caught wearing a pair of these in the past, while other images of the Project Glass being worn has also been captured for posterity’s sake in the past. This, a video, is a first of its kind, and looks set to make Internet history. Google did reveal, however, that a commercial release of Project Glass happening this year is highly unlikely, so do not waste your time keeping your fingers crossed for a pair to be released later this year.


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