Inflatable Walk On Water Mat


Jesus and Peter walked on water, although the latter only managed a few steps before he had a crisis of faith and starting to function like a true blue mortal. Well, you might not be the Son of God, but you can also invoke supernatural powers the natural way with the $999.95 Inflatable Walk On Water Mat, allowing you to walk, run, and lounge about like a lizard – right there and then in the middle of a pool of water.

The Inflatable Walk On Water Mat is a 90′ sq. float that is capable of holding up to half a dozen adults, as long as their collective weight do not surpass the 1,000 lbs. mark, otherwise it will end up like the Titanic. You can sprint on it, perform cartwheels, and even be a human cannon ball to jump straight into a lake (make sure there are no human eating fish in there first!). One of the reasons as to why it is so durable is the material – the Inflatable Walk On Water Mat is made out of reinforced 500-denier fabric that is fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC, allowing it to withstand even the most vigorous play.

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