Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock – Saving your Ice Cream one Pint at a Time

I have some fantastic childhood memories. I don’t know why, but one of my fondest memories is of my father and I hiding candy from each other . Both of us had a sweet tooth and if you just put your stash in the regular cabinet, lets just say, your goodies didn’t last very long. So we hid candy and cookies everywhere, in tins, behind books in oatmeal containers, but when it came to ice cream… that was fair game, I mean it had to go in the freezer right?… what else could you do?
Well heres a nifty gadget that can protect your favorite frozen delicacy from your Dad, pesky brother, freezer raiding co-worker or roommate or last but not least, your kid. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock is an ingenious little device that can actually secure your favorite pint of ice cream with a three digit combination lock.
Sure, the more hardcore criminals will simply saw the side of the carton or drill through the bottom, but for the rest of us, a locked up pint of ice cream certainly says NO! much better than a threatening sign.So while not its not foolproof, it is fairly easy, simply attach the device to your favorite pint and let guilt do its job. (no one want to get caught hysterically sawing through an ice cream container)
Now that I am an adult, I would personally like to see a device that might taser or otherwise electrocute a freezer thief, but I can see some relatively unpleasant legal ramifications of such strong deterrent measures, so for now I’ll just go with the Euphori-lock, only $6.64 at Ben&¬†and maybe just tell my kid it will electrocute her if she gets the combination wrong… that could work.

3 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock – Saving your Ice Cream one Pint at a Time”

  1. This is a great gift idea for the serious ice cream lover in your house. What a good idea to keep your ice cream safe from others lurking around with a sweet tooth. Awesome Gadget Approved!

  2. Cool gadget, but if I ever saw that, I’d cut the bottom out of the pint to get the icecream and then put it back in the freezer.

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