Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag


A sleeping bag is not exactly the most comfortable place for you to rest, but when you are out there in the great outdoors, you do not really have any more choice, do you? After all, you are not a fish who can just jump into any water to swim your way to your destination, or to hang up on a tree without a hammock like a monkey. Hence, the sleeping bag it is, but for those who feel as though something like that is way too stuffy, enter the $119.95 Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag.

The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag is a patented sleeping bag with zippered vents so that it will cover as much of your body as you wish. There is a quartet of outer zippers which will span across the sleeping bag located near the ankles, knees, waist, and chest, letting campers to selectively cover or uncover any body segment, according to the temperature or personal preference levels. The rectangular bag features an outer shell of 210 thread-count rip-stop nylon, a soft cotton flannel lining, and is filled with four-layer microfiber insulation rated to 20º F.

Your head need not make an impression on the nearby rock or log, since it will come with a pillow that slips right into a built-in sleeve to support your head for a more comfortable rest.

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