Sony NEX-F3 digital camera delivers a power packed performance

Once in a while, we get a digital camera that offers the best of both worlds – a relatively portable size, not to mention a performance level that is high enough to be considered as semi-professional. Well, it is worth noting that the recently announced Sony NEX-F3 digital camera is one of those machinations, where it is capable of shooting professional looking photos despite housing its innards in a compact, pocket-sized chassis. This enables budding shutterbugs to explore the creative world of high-quality, interchangeable lens photography without breaking their back in the process.

The Sony NEX-F3 will come with a similar space-saving mirrorless design that can be found in other models within Sony’s E-mount family, in addition to featuring the more advanced, 16.1-effective megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, which is actually identical in size to the sensors that can be found in traditional DSLR shooters, now how about htat? The large sensor is capable of drinking in more light whenever it wants to capture images, resulting in flawless, low-noise photographs and crisply detailed Full HD videos (60i/24p) if you so desire.
Not only that, photographers with a simple working knowledge of the system can also create images with beautiful defocus effects in a jiffy, where the subject will remain focused sharply against a smoothly blurred background. Want to capture self portraits? That is not a problem, as the NEX-F3 camera will also be able to let you capture decent looking self-portraits for once, thanks to a 180° Tiltable LCD display, which is a first of its kind where Sony’s E-mount camera line is concerned. All you need to do is hold the camera at arm’s length, flipp the LCD screen vertically, make the necessary adjustments via the on-screen preview image, and you are enroute to properly framing your self portraits.
The Sony NEX-F3 will play nice with the FDA-EV1S viewfinder accessory that is sold separately, and will also come with a high-quality, premium-feel grip for a more comfortable handling experience and can be juiced via either USB or a standard AC outlet. Prices start from around $600 onwards, whole those who want the bundle with a new SEL18200LE telezoom lens can pick one up for approximately $850.
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