Floating Rope Swing


Just how high have you gone on the swing before? As a kid, I have always tried to get enough momentum to go a full circle, but somehow or rather, that never happened. Which is a good thing too, when you come to think about it today – there was no seat belt to strap me in, and I probably would not have achieved the kind of terminal velocity required to go a full circle without falling down and breaking my neck halfway up in the air, upside down. For those who still want to achieve something similar, don’t you think it is safer to do it on water? This is where the $3,800 Floating Rope Swing comes in handy this summer (or if you happen to be filthy rich and own an island that you call your own).

Granted, it is not the most affordable swing out there in the market, but at least it is capable of providing open-water launches into a lake or pond. Touted to be safer compared to traditional tree or dock swings, it lets you let go at any point in time for a launch towards the water. Made from 28 oz. marine-grade, reinforced PVC, the horseshoe-shaped floating platform is stable and works great as long as you do not tip the scales at more than 250 lbs.

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