The Best Micro Cut Shredder


Hammacher has come up with what they call the “The Best Micro Cut Shredder“, and until I try it out for myself, I would have my reservations at placing a superlative adjective right in front of the product name. Anyone given this $239.95 shredder a go yet? Fire away in the comments as to what you think of it. What I garnered from Hammacher is this – this micro cut shredder managed to produce the smallest shreds and cut the most sheets at once, hence is deemed as deserving of its moniker.

Basically, The Best Micro Cut Shredder will be able to slice paper into 0.39″ x 0.08″ indecipherable shreds, which is far smaller than the 1.77″ x .20″ pieces that are churned out by lesser models. Surely this would make piecing together shredded information a whole lot harder, even if you are a puzzle expert. The durable steel blades are also said to be able to easily cut through paper clips and completely destroy CDs and credit cards. Not only that, it is a silent worker, generating 57.03 dB of noise which is quieter than a normal conversation if you were wondering.

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