DIY Nixie Tube Desk Clock


Ever wondered whether you will be able to have a chance to meddle with a nixie tube, considering this has been quantified by some as the “LED of yesteryears”? Well, here is your chance courtesy of ThinkGeek with the $149.99 DIY Nixie Tube Desk Clock. The name itself says it all – this is basically a timepiece that you ought to put together yourself, and it is meant for those who have a penchant for DIY projects. Soldering experience would definitely come in handy, otherwise you might find yourself rendering the DIY Nixie Tube Desk Clock useless right from the get go.

The kit comprises of real nixie tubes, where the clock will be microprocessor controlled and offers accurate timekeeping. It would be great if the DIY Nixie Tube Desk Clock could come with a built-in alarm – now that would certainly be something. Still, I believe that having this clock would make you refer to the time more often than usual simply because it is very different from what most folks are used to.

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