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When it comes to driving, it makes perfect sense if you were to ensure that both of your hands remain on the wheel at all times – after all, talking on your smartphone, especially in an animated or heated conversation, might just cause you to lose that wee bit of additional concentration on the road, so much so that you might end up in an accident that nobody wants.

A minor scrape or knock is all right, but what happens when your one free hand is not enough to get the steering wheel in the direction of your choice to avoid that pedestrian? This is where hands-free car kits come in handy, and the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone that will be available only in sleek black, might just help you out if you love talking on the phone while driving.

According to Yves Le Reun, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “SuperTooth has a rich heritage in the Bluetooth speakerphone space, creating the first-ever speakerphone to be clipped onto a car’s sun visor in 2004 and evolving into a pioneer of stylish and user-friendly designs that give drivers the ability to talk on phones safely no matter what type of vehicle they’re driving. SuperTooth accounted for 45% market share in the category in 2011, with 6 million devices sold worldwide since 2004.”

Just in case you feel that the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone looks familiar, that is because it first debuted at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this year, and among the features of the Crystal include a slim, sleek design, a durable magnetic clip that helps it attach to the sun visor, instant hands-free calling capability, automatic pairing and multi-point technology which allows you to hook up to a couple of phones simultaneously, a 20-hour battery life for hands-free conversation, and the ability to stream music directly from all Bluetooth A2DP-enabled phones. Not only that, you can also use it to announce turn-by-turn navigation from a Bluetooth A2DP-enabled smartphone.

The remaining battery level of the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone will be shown on the screen of your iPhone, which is something that Android-powered devices are unable to do at the moment. Hopefully that will change with future versions of the software, but right now, if you want the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone, you will need to cough up $69 for it.

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