Mini Star Wars Arcade


Honey, I shrunk the Star Wars Arcade cabinet. Yes sir, no pesky kids will have to undergo the deadly rays of a shrinking gun, but instead, the art of miniaturization has been upped to a totally new galaxy, with this particular Star Wars Arcade cabinet that has been shrunk down in size all the way to just 12″. Not only that, despite being such a tiny replica, it will actually work, thanks to the inclusion of an actual working control yoke, glowing coin slots so that you know where to place those hard earned coins of yours, as well as a 100% playable emulated version of the original game. This is one of the more wicked mods that I have seen so far when it comes to Star Wars merchandise, although your fingers will probably not appreciate you spending hours on end with this. Will your hands keel over in pain from cramps, or your eyes go first from squinting too much? After all, you do not have the ability to wield the Force for playing on such a tiny Yoda-sque cabinet.


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