85 Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course

You know for sure that being in the military is no walk in the park – you obviously need to be in tip top physical condition at all times, and it makes sense for you to spend plenty of time working out – whether at the gym, or at an obstacle course which sometimes might come in handy as you crawl through various obstacles which might just be presented in the field of war. Enter the $12,500 85 Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course – the name itself says it all – it is 85 feet in length, and will definitely challenge even the most seasoned legs and hands in the military. Since it is inflatable, you can be sure that it will be able to be stowed away easily and in a jiffy, and you definitely do not need that much storage space once all the air within has been removed. A couple of portholes are there for you to jump through, and there is also a trio of “hedgehog” obstacles which will slow down your momentum if poorly navigated, hence increasing the difficulty of clearing the ensuing obstacle that comprises of a 16′-high rope swing. There is far more than that, of course, and you would do well to make sure you are at your level best at all times if you were to navigate through this particular obstacle course within the shortest time possible. Good thing you need not exhaust yourself first before even starting with round one, as a quartet of air pumps that are powered by an AC outlet with 25′ cords will be able to inflate the course in just 10 minutes. ]]>