Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit

What happens when the world around you starts to shake and crumble? Why, you press the panic button, that’s what! Unfortunately, there are no panic buttons available at our whims and fancy, but here is the $24.99 Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit which might just turn your home into a more geek friendly abode. After all, those who are scared of the dark can always hit this faux panic button, to have light flood through the room in an instant after giving it a good, satisfying smack. Bear in mind that pressing this is not going to abort any outgoing missile or somehow perform a miracle, it is just a big red and shiny button which begs to be pressed. I would even venture so far to say that your electricity bill might go up a whole lot more after installing these around the home, not to mention you having to replace your lights more often, since folks who drop by your place will most probably want to hit the Panic Button Light Switch as many times as possible to get it out of their system that there is actually such a deal in real life. ]]>