The Iron iPod Speaker – Really?

Obviously I spend a whole lot of time perusing the Internet looking for the latest and greatest stuff, okay, its not always the greatest, but for the most part its has some fun factor. I often find things and think to myself, why? and how did they get so far with an idea that they actually produced and sold it? I have a lot of great ideas, needless to say they’re not for sale anywhere. I’m certainly going to have to revisit that. Case in point, check out the incredible Iron Alarm Clock iPod Speakers, This um, creative little alarm clock is shaped like a miniature iron. It has a built in radio and an alarm clock that can be connected to either your iPod, MP3, PC, tablet or notebook in order to play music. What time of night do you think this freakishly strange gadget idea was born?  I know we reported on the famous pig speakers and dancing dog speakers, but people actually like pigs and dogs, don’t they? Does anyone care for ironing? Well, at least this iron wont make you work, it will work for you. The Iron iPod Speaker acts as an alarm clock with a 12/24  hour format display, date display, an FM radio and a functional speaker for your iPod. Whats better then that? It takes 2 AA batteries and comes in pink, orange or blue and you can get yours from the aptly named for only around 24 buck. Do you think Mom would like one for Mothers Day? source]]>

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