Electric Motorboat lets you zip around the water in style


So you might not have the kind of money to purchase a yacht, where a bevy of beauties are also on-board, spraying Moet & Chandon all over the place as though it was water. Perhaps you are far more reserved, and want to be more involved in an intimate experience with your other half, leading to you considering the $4,000 Electric Motorboat from Hammacher instead.

This electric watercraft will offer you effortless waterborne excursions for up to two people, and it has a 6 hour battery life, so I suspect that most folks would be more or less back to where they were originally long before the battery has given up the ghost. The Electric Motorboat will feature a 12-volt electric motor that drives its two-bladed propeller. You will be able to cruise around at a leisurely 4mph, and the twin foam-padded recumbent seats which come upholstered in marine-grand vinyl are as comfortable as it gets.

To up the ante, there is a waterproof 120-watt audio system with a couple of 5″ speakers, and it can play music from a connected iPod. A built-in cooler will also be able to hold up to 24 bottles or cans of your favorite poison. Just make sure you know how to swim before buying one of these…

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