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When it comes to the world of portable gaming before the iPhone as well as slew of Android-powered smartphones actually made their mark in the market, we were just left with two credible choices – the Nintendo DS (oh how I loved this console, and had many more hours of fun compared to the PSP!) and the Sony PSP, where the latter seemed to cater to more mature gamers, although there were plenty of breathtaking classic titles on the Nintendo DS to while away your time as well.

However, the arrival of full touchscreen phones on the scene changed the way things worked – no longer does the ergonomics of a D-Pad matter all that much. No sir, it was all tap and touches here and there, and it proved to be a rather casual gaming experience, making the Nintendo DS seem extremely’ deep in comparison. Well, over time, there has been grouses about a full touchscreen control scheme for certain more “traditional” titles such as platformers, where physical buttons would always be more than welcome. Enter the ROAM MobileOS controller which you can read more about it after the jump.

After all, the mobile gaming scene has certainly changed a whole lot, with the iOS and Android platforms said to surpass the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP back in 2011 with 58% of the market, at least according to Flurry Analytics. This means a peripheral like the ROAM MobileOS controller would definitely come in handy, where it measures a diminutive 120mm x 16mm x 52mm, and has been tastefully as well as ergonomically designed, boasting a slew of features that are normally found on full size game controllers.

The ROAM MobileOS controller will play nice with both iOS and Android devices, sporting a quartet of play modes in the process – iOS mode, keyboard mode, mouse mode and game pad mode. Game pad mode will be the only mode where you are able to take advantage of the dual analog sticks, while Google’s open API in Android 3.0 and higher can deliver console quality control to your mobile gaming experience. The ROAM itself has a 30 foot range, and its rechargeable battery is said to deliver up to 10 hours of gaming goodness at a stretch.

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Blogzpoint Says: June 4, 2012 at 2:59 am

I doubt it will give battery backup of 10 hours

ACN Says: June 25, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Is this compatible with the Droid X2?

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