BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm

When it comes to the world of robotics, I am quite sure that deep down inside, many of us would like nothing better than a robotic assistant to help us around the home. Tony Stark has JARVIS, who has proved to be more than helpful in getting him out of a tight spot, and Data of Star Trek has certainly proven to be an invaluable ally in helping the crew of the Enterprise out. Well, since the majority of us cannot afford extremely expensive robots and androids, we will have to make do with more modest offerings like the $29.99 BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm.
Talk about seeing some BioMetal muscle in action, where the BioMetal Fiber will enable this particular digital inchworm walk – one step at a time, just like a baby. The BioMetal Fiber will contract whenever electric current is added, making it function in the same way as that of a robot muscle fiber. Who wants to bet against such technology being expounded and used in the future for a real Terminator or to usher in a future robotic apocalypse?