The Device Charging Business Case

Pause for a moment and think of the number of gadgets that you need to charge every single day. Most of us would already own a smartphone or a mobile phone, and in addition to that, many of us also have a notebook, netbook or tablet device. Others who still carry around separate portable media players like the iPod touch and iPod classic, too, will need to make sure that these devices are adequately powered before they head out to tackle another day. Instead of having to keep track of so many chargers and cables, how about relying on the handy $149.95 Device Charging Business Case? The Device Charging Business Case is a typical looking business case that offers no-nonsense performance, charging up an iPhone, iPad, or any USB-powered mobile device within whenever you are on the go. This is made possible thanks to a 6,000 mAh battery within which can recharg an iPhone up to four times before requiring a charge itself. The battery will feature a 30-pin connector that will juice up Apple mobile devices and micro-, mini-, and standard USB ports for a slew of other devices from the Blackberry or Android camps, e-book readers, or Bluetooth headsets. A quartet of zippered compartments provides adequate storage for you to stash away your iPad, while a padded sleeve makes sure your laptop (up to 15″ in size) will remain protected against slight knocks and drops, with another 8 pockets for you to spread out the gadget carrying goodness. It basically requires 3.5 hours to juice up its internal battery via a power outlet.]]>