Recharge Battery Mug

I know, it is Friday, and now would be a great time to wind down after a particularly long and hard week at work. For those of you who are workaholics and go into a bout of depression because the weekend is upon you, then you might want to consider picking up the £9.99 Recharge Battery Mug which will definitely help you be the talk of the cubicle. After all, so many items that we carry around these days come with a battery inside, and you will need to recharge them at the end of the day or whenever they run out of juice. As a human, you too, will have moments when you are running low on juice, so why not make a visual feast of it with the Recharge Battery Mug? It will basically interact with hot water, thanks to the thermographic ink which is used to print the battery on the side of the mug. From an empty battery, filling it up with hot water will see the battery being juiced up to the maximum level within seconds. Of course, as you drink your favorite brew, the green level will slowly drop, giving you a visual indicator of whether it is time for a refill or not. ]]>