Sporting Sails – Do they make Ordinary Sports More Fun?


First, lets get out of the way the fact that I am not very sporty, I don’t run unless someone is chasing me with a meat cleaver and I try not to lift too much, unless whatever it is has fallen on my foot. I think all forms of quick and intense movement should be reserved for the zombie apocalypse or a wild animal attack. So my next “cool gadget” is probably more for you than me. We’ll have to see.

Check out Sporting Sails, developed to enhance any number of sports, like skateboarding, skiing, or surfing, this cool, multi purpose parachute-type device attaches to your ankles and wrists, and allows you to not only look like a super hero, but instantly allows you amazing stability and speed management super powers.

Developed by two brothers who found a similar device in their grandpa’s attic (developed long ago for skiing) the guys decided to adapt it for use by skateboarders and its been… well, when I say “downhill ever since” you understand that as a good thing, right? They got a patent for this unique device that attaches to your body with Velcro straps and nylon hand loops and takes quite a few sports to a whole new level.

So pair your Sporting Sail with any sport that involves downhill descent or gliding on water, and you’ve got an awesome new way to control your flow, just by harnessing the power of the wind. You can get your Sporting Sail complete with a lifetime guarantee from for only 79 bucks. Are you feelin it?


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