Xbox 360 Celebration Pack heads for the UK


Do you want to show to the rest of the world just how much of a devotion you have as a patriot to the United Kingdom? Well, standing up straight as a pole whenever the national anthem plays (and remembering all the words to it) would definitely help, but if you are a gamer with a cause, then you might want to look into the Xbox 360 Celebration Pack which is headed towards the UK – where it will come with the Union Jack slapped all over the Xbox 360 console itself, the Kinect set, and controller.

This particular “Celebration Pack” for the UK will start rolling out from May 25th onwards, and we have absolutely no clue what Microsoft wants to celebrate over at this point in time, although the Summer Olympics is a guess worth aiming for. You will get a 4GB Xbox 360 inside in addition to a Kinect set and a controller, all decked out in the UK flag, where the entire shebang ought to set you back by around £250. For Queen and country!


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KAR Says: May 31, 2012 at 6:35 am

I can tell you what Microsoft wants to celebrate at this point in time. It is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! 60 years on the throne!! We get two days off work on the 4th and 5th of June to help her celebrate!!! 🙂

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