Twine – Hang on, I Just got a Tweet from my Air Conditoner


If you have even the mildest kind of anxiety issues, you know what its like to worry. I cant say I’ve actually ruined a vacation, or extended trip away from home, but I can say that I have worried about the house flooding or freezing or even the fridge breaking down (and yes, that happened once, hence my discomfort now.) Wouldn’t it be nice if the stuff at home could talk to you?

Now it can, Twine is a wireless device thats used with a cloud-based service. The unit includes WiFi, as well as temperature and vibration sensors, and it also has an expansion slot for other kinds of sensors. Twine is powered by the on-board micro USB or two AAA batteries. So Twine can not only warn you of an emergency, but it can tell you that your laundry is done, grandma is awake, or that you left the garage door open! So go ahead, let the stuff in your house text, tweet or e-mail!

The Spool web app is what makes it simple for you monitor your Twine, or Twines from a browser anywhere in the world. You simply set up the rules that will trigger messages and you wont need to be a programmer to do it. You just set up the event based on a certain situation, and the required response, like, If the sensor gets wet, then tweet “the house is flooding!” and don’t worry, the company actually gets you started with a whole bunch of rule sets, and you can share cool rules you have created with other Twine owners.

Setup is easy. There’s nothing to install, just connect it to your WIFI. The unit comes with a thermometer and an accelerometer and you can add a magnetic switch (for doors, windows, or even to let you know the mail came) or a moisture sensor that can put your basement flooding scenario to bed once and for all! All this for under 100 bucks, pre-order now at


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